Advanced Energy Economy

Technology-driven Innovation

Advanced energy encompasses all the innovations that make powering our industrialized economies more affordable, clean, and secure.  

This broad suite of products and services includes artificial intelligence, energy efficiency, demand response, energy storage, solar, wind, hydro, nuclear, electric vehicles, natural gas electric generation, bio fuels, smart grid, and automation technologies.

Powering the Future


As renewable energy, storage, and other advanced energy technology costs continue to decline legacy fossil fuel power plants are increasingly out of the money and subject to expensive fuel price volatility. This creates a stranded cost risk for utilities that own or are dependent upon fossil fuel generation fleets. Additionally, because more end-customers can procure energy on-site for less money than buying it from their utility, making a margin by marking up more expensive energy is a dead-end business line for electric utilities. 

Electric utilities that embrace new technologies have the opportunity to become growing networked system operators earning returns in excess of invested capital for doing so. Adopting advanced energy technologies to power the future will be more profitable and less risky.

The Solar Century

21st Century Energy

 "Just as coal dominated the 19th century and oil dominated the 20th, the fundamentals convince me that this is the solar century. No single country’s policies can stop solar from becoming the dominant source of energy in this century. If a national market disappeared today, then it would drive down the global cost of solar, increasing demand elsewhere. The sun will rise -- we just need to make sure it is shining on the American solar industry."                     

- Nat Kreamer, Greentech Media, 2017

Compelling Economics

 "Americans who get their power from solar today can save money immediately on their utility bills. If they buy an electric car, they can fuel it for less than $0.10 per mile using solar electricity versus more than $0.20 per mile using gasoline. Those compelling economics are attracting hundreds of thousands of Americans to go solar now at home and at work." 

- Nat Kreamer, testifying before US House of Representatives 2014

Consistent Returns

 "Renewable energy creates value for customers, investors, tax payers, and communities...Solar projects' contracted long-term cash flows, tax incentives, and environmental benefits create consistent returns that debt and equity investors require to fuel the industry's rapid growth."

- Nat Kreamer, Keynote Address to the Financing Renewable Energy Conference 2016, Novogradac & Company